!Hello world! Welcome to Lawrencepeetalpines. I have had a keen interest in alpine plants for many years but have not been able to pursue my hobby properly until recently. My computer skills are very limited and the thought of writing a blog was somewhat daunting, so please excuse my amateurish attempts. In all honesty my main purpose of the blog is some method of keeping a record of my successes and failures, and hopefully stimulate some interest for those of you interested in growing alpine plants .

I started showing alpines at the last two AGS (Alpine Garden Society) shows of 2014, where I gained 10 first prizes in the Novice section, and the Newcastle Bowl for the most first prize points in the novice section, this means I now have to compete in the AGS intermediate section BUT I am still most definitely a novice with a lot to learn and will welcome any advice or help.

I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to your comments

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